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Top 3 Best Life Insurance USA Companies in 2019

Choosing the right life insurance company, however, isn’t always easy. America is home to dozens of major life insurance providers. Some of these life insurance companies are shady: they’ll take any excuse to reduce or deny your claim and leave your loved ones with nothing. Other life insurance companies offer products as advertised: you pay a premium today to ensure your loved ones stay protected no matter what happens.

  1. USAA Life InsuranceUSAA is one of America’s best insurance companies. The only “catch” with USAA is that service is only available to military personnel and their families. If you are active duty or retired military, or an immediate family member (like a parent) is a USAA member, than you can qualify for USAA products and services. USAA’s life insurance policies include term life, term life for the military, whole life, and universal life policies. Prices range start at $14 per month for the term life policies, which are cheaper because they only cover a set time (say, 10 or 20 years). In addition to offering affordable rates, USAA offers unique life insurance products catered to members of the military. You may qualify for special life insurance products when you’re traveling overseas as a member of the military, for example. Ultimately, if you’re a member of the military or a qualified USAA member, then USAA Life Insurance is one of the top life insurance companies in America. Wanna See More About USAA Company?. Click Here 
  2. AXA Equitable Life Insurance CompanyAXA Equitable Life Insurance Company is a popular American life insurance company. The company offers four broad types of life insurance, including term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, and variable life insurance. In addition to life insurance policies, AXA Equitable offers retirement planning services, brokerage and advisory accounts, and mutual funds, among other services. AXA is a Paris, France-based multinational insurance company founded in 1816, making it one of the oldest companies on this list. In addition to life insurance, the company offers financial planning, investment management, and general insurance throughout western Europe, North America, the Asia Pacific region, and the Middle East. Wanna See More About AXA Company?. Click Here
  3. PrudentialPrudential is another major American insurance company that offers a variety of life insurance products. The company makes it easy to get a quote online today. In fact, some individuals will be eligible for Prudential life insurance without needing a medical checkup. You may be able to complete the life insurance application process entirely online. Prudential’s life insurance premiums increase annually until age 95 but will never exceed the maximum stated in the contract. Prudential’s policies are issued by a company called Pruco Life Insurance Company under brand names like SimplyTerm and MyTerm. Wanna See More About Prudential Insurance Company?. 

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